Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cowgirl Style re- vamp

Thanks to everyone who gave input on the playlist question. I decided to add playlists to both blogs. If many of you don't like that decision, please let me hear about it. This post is to let you know my "Cowgirl Style" blog has undergone a complete makeover. I was just not happy with it, and decided to re-do it. So if you would, check that out with the link on the sidebar, and feel free to give your opinion on the new look, good or bad !
I will be having a giveaway there soon, so check back!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Music to your ears

If you are reading this, I'm assuming you follow my blog, or if you just stumbled onto it and have no idea what goes on here, I'm still asking your opinion. Would you like me to add music to my blog? My computer has a glitch and I don't get sound from it, but have noticed alot of bloggers have playlists and music. So I would be happy to share my taste in music with you. PLEASE leave your thoughts on it. And let me add, a THANK YOU to all my readers, I appreciate you so, so much !

I decided to go ahead and add a playlist, for you to play if you choose. No reason not to, those who want music can choose it, those who don't, don't have to ! Thanks for your input !

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hug your dog today

Just a reminder to hug your dog today. I recently visited two blogs I visit, and both lovely gals just lost their beloved dogs. Time passes so quickly, and we are all so busy, remember to spend a few moments with your furry family member today.
The photo is of a rescue puppy I had awhile back, that went to a nice home. I called her Cootie Bug, while I had her. Isn't she the most adorable thing?

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Lulu of a tale

Did you know you can self publish books on a site called Lulu It is a print on demand company, so it is free. You can create and publish your own paperbacks, hardcovers, photobooks, calendars, cookbooks and more. You will have to promote them of course, but what fun ! I am currently working on three pieces of my own, a childrens book, a tongue in cheek murder mystery, and a coffee table book of victorian women and horses with quotes and poetry. I'll post again with more detail on them when they are finished. Check the site out and create your own family photo book, that novel you always said you would write, or whatever story you were born to tell. Go, go now - get off of here and tell your lulu of a tale !!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its a jungle out there

I've been single now for awhile after a lengthy marriage. This time around, I thought I would date a man involved with horses. Find a nice cowboy to go riding and do some things with. I'm not looking to get married again. I am 49, blessed with genes from a family that looks younger than their age, in pretty decent shape, and active. So I joined an equestrian online dating site. The above photo is the main one I used for my profile. Now, I live in Oklahoma, land of the cowboy for pity sake. "Pity" being the keyword apparently. Once you eliminate smokers and hunters, there is not much to choose from. Most of the men in my age range, look much older than me and look like they spend more time on the couch than in the saddle. Mustaches, I have never seen so many mustaches in all my life. Is it a prerequisite to be a cowboy now days? Must have horse, saddle and mustache, or you have to turn in your cowboy hat partner. I'm not really into mustaches. I even posed that question in the chat room one night. Why do all of you cowboys have mustaches ? I got a private message from a rancher in South Dakota with an explanation, something about dust. We continued talking, he is very lonely. Apparently there aren't many women in his area. After a bit of conversation I suggested he seek out a Bunny Ranch type of gal, apparently there aren't any of those either.
I lurk in the chat rooms from time to time, they don't talk about horses much. I got another private message from a man in Maryland. The conversation started out fine, do I show my horse, what kind of riding do I do. Then it got a little strange. What do I wear when riding? Am I wearing my breeches and boots in my profile photo ? How often do I wear my breeches and boots ? The member blocking icon turns red when you use it.
I met one man who raises cutting horses, intelligent, nice and pleasant. We met for dinner, had good conversation but no chemistry at all on either side. I bent down to give him a hug when we parted. I am 5'3.
My ideal man would be alot like the object of my affection, Audie Murphy.{don't roll your eyes again} For anyone who does not know who Audie was, he was one of our most decorated war heroes. He was also a real deal, not just a movie, cowboy. A natural quick draw, excellent marksman, and loved horses. He was humble, kind and had great integrity. He once beat up a man for kicking a dog.{My hero} When I watch him ride in his movies, it just does something for me. I guess he didn't have a problem with dust, as he didn't have a mustache. Are there any Audie Murphys out there ?
The dating world in any capacity, along with online dating, is proving "Its a jungle out there." I guess there are many ways to meet a nice cowboy, and I know online dating works for some people. All I know is, that I spent my weekend watching "Posse From Hell" five times.