Friday, September 26, 2008

Dreams in black and white

I wanted you to meet my black mare - Nightfall's Indigo {Indi}. She is half draft & half quarter horse. I have had her since she was nine months old {now 5 & 1/2}, and I changed her given name as it did not suit her. I was so fortunate I chose her, she and I seem to share one soul. She is a treasure, I cherish every day. I have loved, and dreamed of horses all my life but wasn't able to realize my dream until I was 38. It seemed to take forever. After I lost my first horse, it was over a year before I felt I could take the chance to love another, she is my second kindred spirit. Whatever you are wishing for with all your heart.... Hold tight to your dreams, if even in their own time, they can come true. And if you are lucky enough, you might get two.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Create a memory jar

A few years ago, we lost two members of the family back to back. When I attended the funerals, I took a sprig of the flowers. I didn't just want them to be pressed in a book never seen, so I created a memory jar for them. Mine are woodland scenes with the special flowers as backdrops. Click on the photo for a closer view. I added abandoned nests and hatched eggs, things from my own place. The butterflies were gone, and so lovely I placed them in too. The third jar is simple with, a rice base, a lost butterfly, and wing, a nest and feather that holds a vintage brooch of my sister's I had admired. She left it to me, and this is how I enjoy it. A vintage bracelet adorns the top. Anything clear with a lid will do, that way things stay dust free, just dust the outside of the jars. They look nice displayed on a cake stand too. You can make yours in any style with your choosen items, and they can be created just to remember a special event. One last tip, to quickly and nicely dry flowers, put them in the trunk of a car on a hot day for a couple of hours.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the news

This is a shameless plug for my brother Mason Dunn, who flies one of our local news helicopters. He has been featured on CNN for tonado coverage, and recognized by PETA for saving a deer stranded on a frozen lake bed. If you haven't seen the video, go to UTUBE and type in his name. The deer had been there for hours with rescuers on the banks, who had been trying to help it with no success. He knew how to position the blades to create enough force to safely blow the deer across the ice. You will also see some amazing tornado videos. He has worked to help fire crews, and always goes back to check on animals trapped by wildfires to make sure they were saved. There have been a couple of times he was over my house on the job, a close fire and a bad storm. All which turned out okay, but I have asked him not to visit on business anymore ! He is one of my heroes, and he does a fabulous job.

Murder mystery

The crime scene, oh my... stuffing everywhere, what has happened here ? I shuddered to think.

The victim, found in a pool of er... stuffing. Poor Mr. Bear, he was a quiet little soul. He never bothered anyone, and had no known enemies.

After following some solid leads the suspects are in custody, but show no remorse.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just hanging around

The wallhangings are coming ! This was a custom order, but check my website for these and other unique pieces - coming soon ! Don't forget, you can click on the photos to enlarge.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Small town Oklahoma

This past weekend I was on a little road trip to Jenks Oklahoma to do some antique shopping. We then went through the town Checotah on our way home and found this drive thru convenience store. You drive right in and tell the attendant what you want, and they fetch it for you. I thought it was quite amusing, and that someone else might get a kick out of it too. Has anyone else ever seen one ? Or is this an " Only in Oklahoma" thing ?

Friday, September 5, 2008

What do you make of it ?

Vintage lace & crochet bits, old & vintage looking fabrics, buttons & beads, plus the vintage photo cowgirl tile will all be fashioned into a wristlet. Results coming soon !

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New pieces

Here are some newly finished pieces just added to my website. Watch for some textile art wallhangings and some collages on canvas to start showing up !