Thursday, May 29, 2008

101 Ranch

Just added to my website, this 101 Ranch cowgirl photo necklace. I live in Oklahoma, where the 101 ranch is, or was. I am really saddened that there is virtually nothing of it left but the land. I wish it had been saved in all it's glory, and for the wonderful part of history it was. I am amazed when I read about it in its heyday, a self sustained working ranch, as well as the famous "rootin,tootin" wild west shows they created. I have so much admiration and respect for those ole' time cowgirls too.
I am undertaking a new and daunting task... to paint some cowgirls and horses. I love the victorian, prairie cowgirls, so my images will have a romantic bent. Wish me luck, as I have NEVER painted people ! This could be interesting... Upon completion, I will debut the first painting here, for your critiques. Wish me luck!
First I have to finish the friesian project, check back soon.

Nightfall's Indigo

SOOOOOO....where are the cookies?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where for ART thou?

In the art world, they will tell you to develop a style and stick to it so that people instantly recognize your work. I am afraid I just could never conform to that theory. I like to create what moves me in any technique and style I want to use at the time. I guess its because I'm self taught, unschooled and I guess unruly ! What I want, is to stir something in you when you see my art, no matter what type of art it is.
The friesian horse, as you can see, is completed and the crow is already in the works. The necklace will be made in different versions, so that all preferences might be met. I welcome your comments & thoughts. Thanks for stopping by, please do so again to watch this art piece come together.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Storyteller Necklace

I am working on a storyteller necklace with a friesian horse and a crow among other elements. This one will feature my original artworks. Here is the preliminary sketch of the horse. I will update through to the finished necklace. Also I have added a photo of new earrings added to my website this week. To those waiting for the amulet necklaces, they are coming.

Springtime Means....

The roses are blooming , I love how Spring always brings renewal. Such a busy time of year though, and I need to revamp the flower beds, with lots of new planting to do. The dogs are helping me decide where to plant a few things..... they have already dug the holes.....