Monday, April 27, 2009

Miss Stephanie rides again....

If you have never heard of Pam Fowler Grace or Pay N'Go , be sure to read this article Pam and Pay N' Go You can also google Pam for more articles about her. She got Pay N' Go from some cowboys who couldn't do anything with him, and turned him into a major player in the dressage world, he even has a Breyer made after him. Some years ago, I got the privilege, of taking a dressage lesson from Pam. I was a member of a small dressage club that flew her in for a clinic. I was one of the ones there to pick her up from the airport, and we laughed all the way back to Norman as she told us funny stories about Pay N' Go. One of my favorites, was how he stuck his tongue out {sideways} at the judges, at his first dressage show, as they rode by. Pam is a very nice lady, friendly and fun.
I still had Pockets back then, so that was who I was riding in my lesson. For those who don't know, my first name is Tracey. Now Pam did not know me, except for meeting me at the airport, and as she gave instruction for our lesson, pockets and I did our best to comply. As we rode by she said "Good Stephanie...." I just ignored that, an honest mistake, and kept working. But as the lesson went on, with more " Good Stephanies," my friends who were watching, were snickering everytime she said it, so it was making me laugh. Thus the persona of "Miss Stephanie" was born.
Anyway, Pam and "Stephanie" finished discussing the lesson and we were done. Later that evening, Pam realized her mistake, and we had a good laugh about it. Of course the damage was done, and now I was "Miss Stephanie," to my friends. So at our Halloween horse show that year, I dressed and showed up as "Miss Stephanie," complete with a little southern drawl accent. Stephanie went on to write a couple of articles in the club newsletter, but I haven't seen her for quite some time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

It is "Earth Day" today, and even though there might be some people we would like to throw off the planet, it is worth saving ! Okay, seriously, if we all do just a little it accomplishes alot. I won't bore you with the list of things I do to help the environment, as I'm guessing all of you are doing the same anyway. So, just hug your animals today, and don't we love having this beautiful planet to call home ! "Happy Earth Day!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Will James on mustangs :

For they really belong, not to man, but to that country of junipers and sage, of deep arroyos, mesas..... and freedom.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The real horse whisperer

When Jimmy Stewart came back from the war, he ended up doing westerns instead of his usual fare in front of the camera. In these westerns he rode one of the studio's string horses, almost exclusively, a chestnut arabian, quarter horse mix named Pie. In the movie "The Far Country" Jimmy's character rode with a bell on his saddle horn and the bad guys knew this. The directer wanted to do a scene where Jimmy's horse would walk down the street alone, to dupe the bad guys, as they were waiting to ambush him. Now, Pie had not been trained, or worked with in any manner to do this scene, but Jimmy Stewart told the director, I'll tell Pie what to do, and he will do it. Sure enough, Jimmy whispered to Pie what they wanted him to do for the scene, and it was shot on the first take. If you have never seen that part of the movie try to look it up. Pie didn't just plod down the street, he put on a performance. Jimmy always said Pie liked to act, and knew when the cameras were rolling.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hoppy Easter

Here comes Indi cottontail, hopping down the pony trail.....
"Happy Easter Everyone ! "

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How bad is the economy ?

Cats are so dramatic.
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

We the people

Last week I spent tuesday at the state capitol building, lobbying for a puppy mill bill here in Oklahoma. It would help eliminate those horrid people and their cruel treatment of dogs plus hopefully, make a difference to the pet overpoulation here. By the way, just so everyone knows, all my rescue dogs are fixed. Now, I love my state, and there are many great things about it, but unfortunately it is hard to get animal welfare things accomplished here. I would say it surprises me because we have so many nice, and animal loving people here, I meet them all the time. But, the fact is they aren't "the powers that be." The two senators I met with, were very gracious to me, and listened carefully to what I had to say. They both told me straight out they were voting to support the bill. The puppy mill people were there is full force,{the phrase of the day was "self restraint"} but I am proud to say the bill passed the senate and is on its way to the governor. I am so pleased that this passed, it gives me hope, that we can get more accomplished for the animals here.

This statue in front of the building is a tribute to the brush riders, I forgot my camera, so these were pulled from the internet.

Inside the rotunda. I believe our state was the last capitol building to get a dome. An indian bronze stands at the top called "The Guardian." For those who think there are still cowboys and indians running wild here, I wish it were true, I would love to watch.