Saturday, April 4, 2009

We the people

Last week I spent tuesday at the state capitol building, lobbying for a puppy mill bill here in Oklahoma. It would help eliminate those horrid people and their cruel treatment of dogs plus hopefully, make a difference to the pet overpoulation here. By the way, just so everyone knows, all my rescue dogs are fixed. Now, I love my state, and there are many great things about it, but unfortunately it is hard to get animal welfare things accomplished here. I would say it surprises me because we have so many nice, and animal loving people here, I meet them all the time. But, the fact is they aren't "the powers that be." The two senators I met with, were very gracious to me, and listened carefully to what I had to say. They both told me straight out they were voting to support the bill. The puppy mill people were there is full force,{the phrase of the day was "self restraint"} but I am proud to say the bill passed the senate and is on its way to the governor. I am so pleased that this passed, it gives me hope, that we can get more accomplished for the animals here.

This statue in front of the building is a tribute to the brush riders, I forgot my camera, so these were pulled from the internet.

Inside the rotunda. I believe our state was the last capitol building to get a dome. An indian bronze stands at the top called "The Guardian." For those who think there are still cowboys and indians running wild here, I wish it were true, I would love to watch.