Monday, December 2, 2013

Amarillo by afternoon.....

Do you ever, on the spur of the moment hop in your vehicle and head to parts unknown ? This past Saturday my girlfriend and I did just that and headed west to Amarillo Texas. Neither of us knew what was there, and upon arriving decided "nothing" was. We looked for the old part of Amarillo, but just found the undesirable part of Amarillo. We were just about to turn around and head back home. We were hungry and a bit disappointed. We saw two policeman talking beside their vehicles so we pulled up and asked them where the "coolest " place in Amarillo was. One of them just laughed and the other looked up towards the sky with a grimace on his face. Meaning, there was no "coolest " place in Amarillo. He told us about the place where if you can eat the 72 ounce stak and all the fixins that come with it you get it free. Her and I put together weigh exactly 251 lbs and I don't eat meat. We explained we wanted the old part, the district with fun shops and the like. Finally he seemed to get it and told us about a couple of places on 6th street. Away we went and of course, this was it, a street on Route 66. We ate at a little mexican bar and grill, that you won't find any chain restaurants of, and had great salsa and food. There was an old page out of a magazine stuck on the wall in the bathroom that showed the Lone Ranger and Silver and Roy Rogers and Trigger. We hit some fun antique shops after that where I found this great cowgirl photo for 50 cents and this cool old silver spot bridle. We had a great time, walked past the local biker bar to her truck {nothing like atmosphere} and made our way home. We will be on the road again soon....


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