Thursday, March 14, 2013

The horses need you....

The Safeguard American Food Export Act, just introduced into congress may save the horses. Please go to facebook and go to Oklahoman's Against Horse Slaughter 2012 and Beyond, there is a post with a link to a petition, and send an email to your Washington Representatives. I can't get my links to work here for some reason. Imperative that you call your representatives in Washington, tell them you want them to support HR 1094 /S.541 Safeguard Act, and to stop using your tax dollars to fund horse slaughter. They are moving ahead with things at this point in Oklahoma, a meat company has just applied for USDA approval to slaughter horses. Big Ag rules here and the legislators pander to the cattlemen. The cattlemen are behind the horse slaughter bills here, so many are boycotting beef. Cattle ranchers are also the reason the USDA spends 100 million dollars a year to kill wildlife. Some of their hired killers are quite abusive. I know politics is not fun but the word has to spread to make things happen. With the horsemeat scandal in EU, these bills have a chance to pass because the U.S. could be facing legal action. And how ridiculous is it that our tax dollars are used to pay the USDA inspectors to the tune of 5 million dollars a year for one slaughterhouse. All for a foreign market. Help stop the horrific abuse and tortured death of innocent horses. Please call and write and tell anyone who might care. Join us on Facebook - Oklahoman's Against Horse Slaughter 2012 and Beyond, you will find information and links. Because federal tax dollars will be used, that means your money, so you have a say in it too. Call our Governor Mary Fallin at 405-521-2342 and tell the secretary, to count your vote as a " NO" to horse slaughter, or " NO" to HB1999 and SB.375. They are keeping count of yes and no votes, since she can veto the bills. Please share information with anyone you know who will help, stand up and be a voice for the horses........Thank you, I think my next post will be something you will love... its all about a friend of mine and the mustang she tamed and trained.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stop horse slaughter , Boycott Oklahoma

Hello all ! I don't know how many of you know that I am from and in Oklahoma. Our {crooked} legislators have decided to force horse slaughter on us. We do not want it, but we are having a hard time getting the word out. Our media here is, well I suspect been told to keep quiet about all of it. So we - Oklahoman's Against Horse Slaughter {on Facebook} are battling. I have provided a link here if you want to help. We can get great exposure on this if we get enough "up" votes. Please visit the link, register, which is super quick, email & password - done.... and hit the "UP" arrow on the left of the text box. Then sign the petition, you're done ! Visit us on Facebook to become educated about the subject, because you can help even if you don't live here. Help us stop this unnecessary evil. Thank you !!!!!