Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seen around town

This is a wonderful work of art created from a large tree that had expired. It is done in the likeness of an ancestor of the family, who lives at the home.

Hey partner....

someone needs your help ! I received an email this week from a small horse rescue in Missouri, asking to be added to my website. I told her of course, but thought I would write a quick post here, to those who might not have noticed the animal rescue links on the "Heartworks" page of my website. I have added her to my links here too, please help if you can, even the smallest donation is appreciated greatly. She is currently working for 501c status.

On this note, I have received some of the nicest emails from people, who have read my "Heartworks" page with pictures of my own rescue dogs. This is a shout out to the angels who open their hearts and homes to those animals most in need. Your kindness is a light and a spirit, I hope more people will warm themselves by and reflect back into the world.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Tails to you.....

Here is a photo of my herd. Minus one chow mix named Pie. She is the old girl, but still doing well. You will notice that Luna is looking at me. She believes I gave birth to her, hung the moon, and that dogs are disgusting lower forms of life. She hangs on my every word, and if I utter the phrase "gobbledy-gook" she thinks that I say the most amazing things. They are treasures, everyone. Tessa, Hannah Bear, 2Bit {Bitsy} Rascal and Luna. All are rescue dogs. I'll tell you Hannah's story soon.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Friesian Necklace Element

The black bird, or raven painting is now finished and ready to be part of the friesian horse necklace and whatever else he might get in to. I've decided he is a raven after all. This pairing will be the first in a series I am doing called "Horsefeathers" that features horses and birds. You will see why he is a raven when the necklace { and a couple of variations} debuts, and that it is the first of two images I'm creating that match these two together.