Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Tails to you.....

Here is a photo of my herd. Minus one chow mix named Pie. She is the old girl, but still doing well. You will notice that Luna is looking at me. She believes I gave birth to her, hung the moon, and that dogs are disgusting lower forms of life. She hangs on my every word, and if I utter the phrase "gobbledy-gook" she thinks that I say the most amazing things. They are treasures, everyone. Tessa, Hannah Bear, 2Bit {Bitsy} Rascal and Luna. All are rescue dogs. I'll tell you Hannah's story soon.


  1. These dogs look so much like my McNabs, which are Scottish Border Collies. Short hair, black and white, very intelligent and totally devoted to guarding thier family.

  2. I can't be completely sure what they are since they were all taken off the streets. Whatever their breeding, they are blessings in my life.