Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stop horse slaughter , Boycott Oklahoma

Hello all ! I don't know how many of you know that I am from and in Oklahoma. Our {crooked} legislators have decided to force horse slaughter on us. We do not want it, but we are having a hard time getting the word out. Our media here is, well I suspect been told to keep quiet about all of it. So we - Oklahoman's Against Horse Slaughter {on Facebook} are battling. I have provided a link here if you want to help. We can get great exposure on this if we get enough "up" votes. Please visit the link, register, which is super quick, email & password - done.... and hit the "UP" arrow on the left of the text box. Then sign the petition, you're done ! Visit us on Facebook to become educated about the subject, because you can help even if you don't live here. Help us stop this unnecessary evil. Thank you !!!!!


  1. Sure will, save the horses, Francine.

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