Thursday, May 29, 2008

101 Ranch

Just added to my website, this 101 Ranch cowgirl photo necklace. I live in Oklahoma, where the 101 ranch is, or was. I am really saddened that there is virtually nothing of it left but the land. I wish it had been saved in all it's glory, and for the wonderful part of history it was. I am amazed when I read about it in its heyday, a self sustained working ranch, as well as the famous "rootin,tootin" wild west shows they created. I have so much admiration and respect for those ole' time cowgirls too.
I am undertaking a new and daunting task... to paint some cowgirls and horses. I love the victorian, prairie cowgirls, so my images will have a romantic bent. Wish me luck, as I have NEVER painted people ! This could be interesting... Upon completion, I will debut the first painting here, for your critiques. Wish me luck!
First I have to finish the friesian project, check back soon.

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