Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its a jungle out there

I've been single now for awhile after a lengthy marriage. This time around, I thought I would date a man involved with horses. Find a nice cowboy to go riding and do some things with. I'm not looking to get married again. I am 49, blessed with genes from a family that looks younger than their age, in pretty decent shape, and active. So I joined an equestrian online dating site. The above photo is the main one I used for my profile. Now, I live in Oklahoma, land of the cowboy for pity sake. "Pity" being the keyword apparently. Once you eliminate smokers and hunters, there is not much to choose from. Most of the men in my age range, look much older than me and look like they spend more time on the couch than in the saddle. Mustaches, I have never seen so many mustaches in all my life. Is it a prerequisite to be a cowboy now days? Must have horse, saddle and mustache, or you have to turn in your cowboy hat partner. I'm not really into mustaches. I even posed that question in the chat room one night. Why do all of you cowboys have mustaches ? I got a private message from a rancher in South Dakota with an explanation, something about dust. We continued talking, he is very lonely. Apparently there aren't many women in his area. After a bit of conversation I suggested he seek out a Bunny Ranch type of gal, apparently there aren't any of those either.
I lurk in the chat rooms from time to time, they don't talk about horses much. I got another private message from a man in Maryland. The conversation started out fine, do I show my horse, what kind of riding do I do. Then it got a little strange. What do I wear when riding? Am I wearing my breeches and boots in my profile photo ? How often do I wear my breeches and boots ? The member blocking icon turns red when you use it.
I met one man who raises cutting horses, intelligent, nice and pleasant. We met for dinner, had good conversation but no chemistry at all on either side. I bent down to give him a hug when we parted. I am 5'3.
My ideal man would be alot like the object of my affection, Audie Murphy.{don't roll your eyes again} For anyone who does not know who Audie was, he was one of our most decorated war heroes. He was also a real deal, not just a movie, cowboy. A natural quick draw, excellent marksman, and loved horses. He was humble, kind and had great integrity. He once beat up a man for kicking a dog.{My hero} When I watch him ride in his movies, it just does something for me. I guess he didn't have a problem with dust, as he didn't have a mustache. Are there any Audie Murphys out there ?
The dating world in any capacity, along with online dating, is proving "Its a jungle out there." I guess there are many ways to meet a nice cowboy, and I know online dating works for some people. All I know is, that I spent my weekend watching "Posse From Hell" five times.


  1. Oh, dear! Yes, it does sound like a jungle out there! Glad I don't have to look for a cowboy; Audie sounds wonderful! If you look at my blog you can see what kind of cowboy I like, Tom Seleck.......of course that's a fictional character, ahh, but still. (sorry but he as a mustache!) Mustaches aren't so bad, my husband has one, since before we were married he had one. It's OK though, it's neat and trimmed.
    I wish you luck in your quest. There has to be a cowboy out there for you, keep looking! :-)
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  2. Oh my, this is an interesting post. There was always a tiny part of me that was sad that I didn't marry a horseman. I guess good ones are hard to find! And I don't care for mustaches either! :^}) <--almost a mustache smiley

  3. Ewww, mustaches...and smokers...not a good mix. It's impossible for the mustache not to harbor the tobacco smoke odor or the yellow tint. yuk.

    I wish my hubby was more cowboy-like. sigh.

    Your post reminded me of another blog friend who did what you are doing 'Equestrian Online Dating' and she found her cowboy in Kansas.

    Here's her link in case you're interested:

    Maybe the two of you can commiserate on the ups and downs of the experience?

    Best wishes in your hunt. I hope you find the perfect cowboy to lasso up and ride into the sunset.

    Just make sure you ask him what HE wears while riding:


  4. Good Luck Girl. They broke the mold when they made Audie. I have yet to find any man with half his values and integrity.But you never know, when you least expect it you might be surprised.

  5. Audie was lovely as you said from the dog incident says it all, he had a gentle face, and as you said a real hero too. It made me smile, but also made me sad, its not too much to hope to find a decent partner to share some happy times with, but seems to get increasingly harder. Don't settle for less than you deserve. You look stunning in your photograph too. Lindax

  6. Oh, how I can relate!! After TWO failed lasted four years, the other, 6 months (my friends called that one, "a long weekend"), I found my "cowboy" 26 years ago. He'd never ridden or even been around horses, but he loved me AND loved being around me, so the horses were part of the package!! He's always "with me" mentally and physically when it comes to my animals...we're very middle income, but there's never a word about cost of feed, shoeing, vets...and if I'm at the barn, so is he. Whether I'm feeding, saddling up, or doctoring one that's sick, every 2 hours, he's right there beside me. In fact, he may have given Audie a run for his money...and I've always loved Audie!! There is a mustache, but I try and remember that loving the package, goes both ways!! He still doesn't ride, but we've now ventured into the world of the "covered" wagon and he LOVES it...from the harnessing to the planning of what groceries we need to pack for a 3 day trip!!You'll find the right one I'm sure and if he LOVES you, he'll LOVE horses!! BTW...LOVE YOUR POSTS!! Sharon Anderson

  7. Thanks for the grin this morning , especially about having to bend down to hug him - I'm a 1/4" shy of six feet and I'm reasonably sure I've done that a LOT more than you have , lol. I'm wasn't into it either , frankly.
    Stay out there and participate in things you love - have fun , and you'll find someone there doing them with you soon enough!

  8. I met my dirt farmer when I was 44 and he was 43. I'd never beeen married and wasn't really looking after a string of dating commitless men...then I moved to a house and met my next door neighbor. He wasn't flashy, but he had a heart that oozed kindness. We married 1 year later, and one year after that moved to our farm. He was afraid of equines, but like some said above, he was committed to us, our farm and adored me and let me be me. After 5 years, I have a horse he likes, and while he will never irde, he helps me build good stalls, fences, and understands what it mean to me to improve in my work with Boone. It's the heart of gold, [and I would open your mind up to msustaches - Martyn doesn't have one, but if he did, it would have been a shame to pass him up becasue of it...and you know, that's why they invented razors.]