Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hannah Bear's Story

Hannah was dumped with her two siblings, down by the lake when she was just, I'm guessing, 8-9 weeks old. They were fed for awhile by a kind person who worked in the area. When I learned about them, I started driving out there to try to catch them. They were so frightened of people, they wouldn't come close. Only Hannah would come near enough to eat the treats from a spoon I was tempting them with. I was able to carefully grab her after several days. I enlisted my son to help me go after the other two, but when we arrived, someone had already nabbed the blonde puppy. We could see where they had moved some things to trap him in a storm drain, he was gone.

Only the black brother was left. When he finally came out of hiding, he saw us coming towards him, he went running into the woods yipping in fright all the way. Then suddenly we couldn't see or hear him. We searched, and found him tucked in another storm drain. My son blocked his escape while I crawled through the other end towards him. He just sat there hanging his head, and never moved, as if to say "It's all over now." I scooped him up and hugged him tight, stroking his head and softly talking to him to let him know everything was going to be okay.... and it was.

Hannah was overjoyed to see her brother, but my plan was to find them good homes. When I had some people come out to see them, Hannah scooted right up against my leg and gazed up at me with her little trusting eyes. My heart could not take it, I knew I just couldn't let her go. I wanted to keep her brother too, but at that time I just couldn't manage it, I already had a full house. Her brother went to a loving home, and Hannah Bear lives in bliss with me.


  1. Your blog is just lovely. And what a lovely person you are to work so hard to save your beautiful friend and her sibling. I am sure she will be as much a blessing to you as you have been to her! All of our dogs are from a shelter and two are siblings who were rescued from a bad situation and I think it is great that you use your blog to bring attention to the animals in this way.

  2. Thank you so much, and thank you also for adopting shelter dogs. We need more people like you !

  3. Oh boy! That's why I stay far away from our Rescue Village!! Two dogs is enough for us for a while...but I'm glad you rescued Hanna Bear! The world needs more souls like you!!