Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bucket list

Do you have a bucket list ? I have recently been giving this some thought and have thrown one together with some things that aren't so impressive really, but are simply things I have hopes for. For example, one of the things on my list is to train Indi to be ridden without a bridle. Probably to you that sounds pretty reachable, but I'm still working on riding halfway well with the gear.....
I also have it in my brain to bring home a wild horse, I can't say if that will ever happen, but I'm not taking it off the list. Every time I visit " Mustang Diaries " I have pangs, I look up, tilt my head and wander off to a mustang altered universe .... My list is not about things I will get done with certainty, that is my old standby goals list, and it is a different set of things altogether. My bucket list is more about dreams and having those things there to wish on.

Photo from my collection


  1. Ha ha ...yeah I have a blog about one of the things on my bucket list...riding sidesaddle!
    Adorable blog!! Enjoyed my visit.


  2. Love that photo! Yeah - I can identify with you *sigh* I would like to get to where I can ride well - lol - my goal is to do that with a hackamore with Billie Jane =)

  3. Good morning from the Cattle Call Farm in WV.I stumbled upon your blog while visiting 7MSN ranch.Enjoyed reading your blog.