Friday, February 11, 2011

Finding Bliss....

Not too long ago I was visiting a favorite blog. The writer was asking her readers what one word best defined what they would search for in their lives this year,and why. She was having a giveaway for the best word and reason for the choice. I chose the word "Bliss."

That word best describes what I am looking for this year, and here after. I want to find bliss in my work... to finally be at peace with what I create and why I create it. For some reason I never feel like my artwork is good enough. Instead I want to look at my pieces and feel that they are a completed vision, and will in some way touch those who see them. I also want to find it in my life as a whole. To clear away mental clutter and live each moment as it passes by with clarity. Sometimes we are so busy living we fail to be present in our own lives. I want to take in the everyday magic that surrounds me, to hold it for a moment and always be grateful for it. It is a fulfilling journey working towards this goal. And some of it is work, some people have to be let go, along with negative, I can't, I don't measure up thoughts. Some circumstances even have to be changed. But each step I take brings me closer to where I want to be ... and just knowing that is the beginning of "Bliss."

Oh, and out of 134 entries to my delight I actually won the giveaway. It was a pattern and instructions to make a banner that guessed it..."Bliss." Some things are just meant to be.

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  1. Love it! I know what you mean though, I never think my work is good enough. I guess that is the work of an artist, always searching and attempting to get what's in their mind out on canvas, paper, clay or whatever. Good luck finding your bliss.