Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who can resist a Cookie ?

I knew I was in trouble yesterday, the moment I went and peeked at them. Really, I knew better, I need a new pet like I need to start a new blog. Okay, well, yes I did that too. Darn feed store anyway. I did walk away but could not get that one little buns out of my mind. I went back today and brought Cookie home. She {or he} reminds me of the black and white French Lop I had some years ago, I loved him so. Cookie is a mix and a mini so she won't get very big, she is about the size of a softball right now. She will live in and have the run of my art studio when I am in there working, and sometimes the house, when the dogs are outside of course. They have not been raised with bunnies and will see her as a glorified, too much hair, not enough filling hors d'oeuvre. But I ask you, who can resist a Cookie ?
"Happy Thanksgiving" everyone !!!


  1. OH MY! Sweetest little cookie ever! So glad you found her (him?) and she'll have the run of your studio. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. She's adorable! I have a hard time resisting them too. Happy Thanksgiving!