Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Have you ever seen a mouse climb a tree ?

My dogs are lucky enough to get to live on a small piece of land, all fenced so that basically they live at the dog park. They of course love to scout and hunt, for which there are three codes. Yellow is, I have flushed something but can't find it. Red is, I have something, but mom is coming to save it. And blue is well.... for whom the bell tolls, followed with a solemn and proper burial.
The other morning as I filled the bird feeders, which hang in a tree in front of my house, the dogs were at code yellow. Frantically sniffing, looking about, for what I didn't know, until something caught my eye. Right in front of me not two feet away, was the intended victim. A gray mouse, carefully working his way up the trunk of the tree. I could only smile, the dogs in a whirl of searching, while in quiet calm the little mouse was carefully picking his way to safety up the tree. He disappeared before I could get my camera to offer photographic proof. So I have left you with the " I know you're up there " photo of Luna and that ever elusive squirrel.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhh
    so cute
    but I love the pic of the black horse....

  2. Love that black horse also. My dogs try all the time to get the poor squirrels. Sometimes I swear the squirrels are taunting them on purpose!