Thursday, December 11, 2008

My days of Christmas.....

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me - One BIG ice storm, FOUR rescue dogs, and a SQUIRREL in a Bradford pear tree.....
Last winter a massive ice storm hit Oklahoma. Norman, where I live was one of the harder hit areas. My huge, beautiful, Bradford pear tree suffered a great deal of damage, thus was cut into an ugly glorified stump. Apparently that makes Mr. Squirrel feel unsafe now when the dogs are about, even though it is tall enough for him to be quite secure.
The other morning, while out doing chores, I looked up in time to see four of my dogs surrounding said tree, and there was Mr. Squirrel, trapped in said tree, frantically looking for escape. I watched in horror, eyes wide, shaking my head from side to side, as he scaled right down the north side of the tree trunk, and I uttered ssssqui-RREL !! SQUIRREL !! Yes, in times of crisis, do call on me, as I will stand frozen and repeat the description of the animal in peril.
He made a mad dash at the exact moment the dogs had grouped to the south side of the tree. Whew, breathing again - he was safe on the wooden fence. I guess I'd better name that little fellow, as I may have to bury him one day. Luckily, this wasn't that day. Now where did I put those five golden rings.........


  1. What a great post! And look at those "hungry" dogs. Or maybe they are more ornery than hungry? Yay for Mr. Squirrel for making it out alive once again ;-)

  2. Poor little squirrel -- if they don't get him, he might die of a heart attack.

    Sorry about your tree -- bummer!