Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm it !

Tagged again ! Linda from The Briar Rose Gate gave me the honor. Do visit her blog, I know you will enjoy it. She is a great artist, and a nice and fun person too. Rules : I'm to list seven random facts about myself, and tag other bloggers. Now since I was tagged recently, I'll try to keep these short and sweet. Well short anyway. This time I won't tag anyone, as this go around, those I would tag have already been gotten ! However, Linda is now on my list !

1. When I was a kid and had a little extra money, my mom would let me walk over to the Sears store to go to the candy counter. I had to take my little brother and sister along. I always bought chocolate covered raisins because they didn't like them. Selfish, selfish, selfish.

2. When I got her at nine months old, my horse's name was Canada's Golden Stretch. I re-named her Nightfalls Indigo, and call her Indi.

3. I used to have two recurring dreams, one about ghosts and the other about a giant spider. Don't we wonder what crawls around in the back of my mind.....

4. To those coming late to reading my blog, all six of my dogs are rescues, taken off the streets. Tessa, the latest member of the family was found with a rope around her neck and a bad gash on her nose, which healed up fine. She now has acres to run on, a pond to splash in, which she loves, and she plays, plays, plays with Bitsy.

5. Ummm, I'm still in love with Audie Murphy. Sigh.

6. I used to be painfully shy, but now no one can get me to shut up.

7. I once got to take a dressage lesson from Pam Fowler Grace, the lady who owns the famous "Pay N' Go. " I will blog about this soon because it is a funny story.

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  1. Cute picture! Perfect for the title of this blog.