Monday, February 2, 2009

Art unexpected

Thank goodness I have been mostly pleased with how my jewelry is looking lately. My paintings however are a different story .....

After some soul searching this week about my fine art painting, where its been, where I'm wanting it to go, and why I was so discontent with my recent works. I believe I finally freed myself of some doubts which were causing me to feel that my art didn't measure up. I was also putting pressure on myself to stick to one technique in my painting. Most artists do, because it is an unwritten law, create works that look the same, so people will easily identify them as your art. I had posted earlier that, that didn't work for me, and it still doesn't. But Like Dorothy in Oz, I had to find it out for myself. For me, there's no place like - diversity. I think what I had to work out in my head, was the fact, that it is okay to create the way I do. The art police aren't going to hunt me down and haul me off, forcing me to paint in blue watercolors for all time, or they will break my brushes, and take my canvases away. The fact that I am self taught, I think, raised doubt from time to time that I'm getting it right, that my work is good enough. Fear that putting my works "out there" will end in them being judged inferior. Its why my paintings were so few and far between.
This week I seemed to have been able to work through the fog of confusion and let the sun in again. I had to accept the fact that I don't have the talent of Lesley Harrison, or other fine artists, and it is most likely that I never will. I am content that this is okay, there is a place for me and my art anyway. I had been pushing myself to reach an unrealistic goal, to create the essence of someone elses work, instead of being happy with my own style, however varied it may be at times. At that realization, I embraced my own work, and gave it merit. Suddenly my focus was back, my mind was clear and my confidence was restored. My desire to paint was stirring.
I immediately started this unexpected painting, "In the valley of the moon." I am actually pleased with it. It is an artwork for my "Horsefeathers" series, pairing birds and horses together. I have put those off for far too long, because I was afraid that I would fail in my attempt to make them what I wanted them to be. Interesting what we can accomplish when we let fear and doubt vanish like the vapor that they are.

Here is a look at my latest photo montage, you can find it as a card on Zazzle.{click on the postage stamp, on the sidebar.}


  1. I like them both. Love the horse with the little bird. And love the "I Dream of Horses". I think they're both really good.

  2. Horses are hard to not make beautiful, they sort of do it themselves.

  3. OMG, I am reading your post and I'm thinking, "Did I write this?".
    You took the words right out of my mind:)
    I never feel like it's good enough. Ah the struggle of being an artist:)
    The new piece is gorgeous too!

  4. The card is FABulous!

    As for your new painting, WOMAN! You don't need to "be like" someone else. You have a wonderful style all your own. You have talent & drive & a fantastic attitude - it all shows in your work! I so admire your spunk (and it doesn't hurt that we both love a lot of the same things!) Keep that art comin'! We love it!


  5. I agree, with Deb, I paint in many different styles its a mood thing with me, like the way I dress, sometimes I feel Like I have lots of different me all wanting to steer.
    Please embrace it, I'm self taught too, and dont know the right way to paint anything, what the heck does it matter!.
    I love your work. Hugs Lindax

  6. I think your works are all beautiful. All different and unique. All you. Beautiful!

  7. I loved reading what you wrote, it really hit home for me because I've been there too! If I tried being to technically perfect I would lose the feel of the piece. You show such beautiful emotion in your work. And in the end isn't it what you feel when you look at a work of art that's truely important. Thanks for the reminder. Liz