Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stop and smell the roses

Well, my last few days have been interesting ones. The dogs have been bringing up turtles every morning, I've been putting them back in safe places. One poor little fella, Tessa had in her mouth when she spied the squirrel on the fence. Before I could get him from her, she was running with him. Don't worry, he was tossed aside like yesterdays news, for the promise of a squirrel brunch, which never took place. The little guy rolled and rolled, but was fine. A little dizzy maybe.

Usually they are fine together.... but Hannah does not like the fact that Bitsy lives here, or that I love Bitsy. To make matters worse, they both think they occupy the same place in the hierarchy. Well the other day, Bitsy apparently offended Hannah, Hannah jumped on Bitsy and the fight was on. I grabbed Hannah by her back legs, carrying her to put her in the house, but she is a stout girl, and her front half was down, still going at it with Bitsy, who ripped my shorts and bit me in the leg. I got Hannah in the house.... round one was over. Now for round two, yesterday. I came around the back corner of the house and there was a big black, I'm hoping, rat snake. I was looking to make sure it was harmless, when Bitsy, without hesitation, grabs at it. I was yelling - "leave it Bitsy!!!"
Hannah comes right up. Oh, Bitsy is making momma unhappy, I'll get rid of Bitsy for you momma. Round two. Now mind you, I had water in a bucket and the bird seed in my other hand, both go flying as I grapple for a tail or hind legs of one dog or the other. Of course the water made the ground slick.... Got Hannah in her yard, but they are still fighting through the fence, so Tessa steps in to help by jumping on Bitsy. Grab Bitsy's tail and get her in her yard. Meanwhile, the snake has gotten the heck outta Dodge. I'm all muddy and my cheek got smacked somehow.
Now, as if all of that was not fun enough, I now have a computer virus. It is still not eradicated, so I may be gone a few days. Oh, why title this post "Stop and smell the roses?" Because of the omen I received before this all started. I had stopped to smell one of my roses, it had a small bee in it. It only hurt for a little while.


  1. Oh no!!! Sounds like you need tea and a mini-vacation! I am so sorry for the--umm--adventures that are going on around you! Dogs! Sometimes they are just no fun! Or bees, or computer viruses, for that matter!

  2. Howdy
    Don't take this wrong way but I'm laughing so hard right now ,I think I might need to try those depend thingies :)
    This is such a great post about what real life is every day.
    At least my life has always been this way as long as I can rememeber .
    I am always trying to live in that quiet ,peaceful place .
    Somehow reality just stirs things up till all you can see is the dust and then once it settles down you have to laugh.
    Aint it great to be alive :)
    Hugs to you sweetie .
    Hang in there .
    The dogs will resolve all in due time.
    Bee stings only hurt for a little while.
    Just think of the great auto-biography you can write someday :)
    Happy trails

  3. aghh life can deliver some stings sometimes, normally just when you don't need them. Love to you and your gang Lindax
    (Don't stop smelling roses though)