Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Changing horses in midstream....

When I first started this blog, I had planned to do more artwork promotion here, but instead I have balked at doing much of that {to spare you}. Since I need to expand my artwork and jewelry exposure, I have decided to create a new Wildhorsemoon art blog. That way, should you ever visit there, you will know what to expect, all art, all the time. Because of this new venture, I have also decided to end my Cowgirl Style blog, as there will just be no time for it.

Now something you might be more interested in...... I am re-doing the cowgirl necklace giveaway. I never could reach Paige, and tried several ways, plus gave ample time for her to check the post that she had won. So leave a comment here on this post if you want to enter, and make sure I can contact you. If you have a blog, I can find you. If you prefer to keep contact private, email me at


  1. Howdy
    Thank you so much for the welcome back comment you left on my blog.
    We had a death in the family as well as three persons go in to the hospital in different cities but all at the same time ,all are still in ICU.
    When it rains it pours .
    So I had to take a break.
    I live 5 hours away from my parents and nearest extended family.
    Anyhoo thank you so much for stopping by.
    Love the new art blog !!!!!!!!
    I love your art it is awesome .
    I am sorry Paige could not be reached but I will volunteer for the new sign ups for the giveaway when your ready.
    Big hugs with blessings
    Happy Trails

  2. Checked out your new blog, looks good! Love your things, love the cowgirl look!! :-)
    Love the necklace for the giveaway too!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  3. Love all your writings and art wishing you every sucess with your endeavours.
    Sad for Paige, lucky for all of us to get a chance to win such a wonderful gift. Lindax

  4. Sorry for Paige - very happy for the rest of us getting another shot at your great necklace.

  5. How unfortunate for Paige, but lucky for the rest of us!
    That necklace is fantastic!

  6. Oh please enter me...I'm looking at some of your work in the side bar and it looks so interesting...unique...beautiful...

  7. The cow girl necklace is fabulous, so excited to know who will win this lovely necklace.

  8. Oh! Another giveaway, I love giveaways, lets cross our fingers girls

  9. Great necklace!

  10. Great necklace! I'll have to go check out the new blog:)

  11. Love the necklace! Love anything Cowgirl!!!

  12. I'm probably to late to enter. But your necklace is beautiful!