Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just a few things....

I've been getting some studio time in and here is my latest painting titled "Mesteño, " If the stars align just right, prints will be available soon. I've been working on jewelry for a big show I have coming up, so if you don't find what you are looking for on my website, feel free to ask to see some show pieces, otherwise you won't see them !

I also need to thank Trendy Bindi's for a "lovely" blog award. This is always appreciated. I am supposed to bestow this on other bloggers but I think I'll give them a rest this go'round. Please visit her charming blog, I think you will enjoy it!


  1. Love the painting, and of course those necklaces! Once I get back to the employed world, I will have to buy myself one!

  2. The painting is beautiful. I know very little about horses but what a sense of freedom and innocence they give me. Your work is lovely.