Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cloud's Herd in Peril

Hello all, today's post was supposed to be the winner of the cowgirl necklace, I will post that next. Now, I like to keep my blog light and fluffy, so that it is fun to visit. But once in awhile I pull out the old soapbox,{mine is decoupaged with horses} to let you know when foul play is afoot {yes I've been working on my murder mystery.}
The bureau of land management is planning a September 1st round-up of Cloud's herd in the Pryor mountains. Many fear the worst for the herd, and the horses removed. The data says the numbers are not high enough for any removal and that the range is in better shape than it has been in many years. The round-ups alone are dangerous and six horses died in the Challis herd round-up. Please visit The Cloud Foundation
If you would like to help by lending your voice. Click on" what you can do to help." Time is short, so please send emails today.

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  1. The gather of these horses is a travesty! There are even more gathers going on as we speak. My area is one of them. Thank you for getting the word out.