Sunday, August 30, 2009

Feather Creek Farm

A couple of miles from my house, is the farm equestrian olympian Mike Huber used to own. The next owner did not keep the place up, sold some of the land and left it in disrepair. Luckily a someone new is returning the farm to its former glory, with new cross country jumps,a stadium jumping set up, a dressage arena, and repaired and refurbished fencing. This weekend Feather Creek Farm held a recognized show, so I stopped by to capture a few images.

Loved this horse's earnest expression.

Waiting their turn to jump.

My favorite pair of the day.


  1. Hey Tracey! Long time no see! Wow, it is great when someone puts their heart into farm land, right? The property looks really wonderful! Great pictures! :)

  2. What a great place, and great pictures!

  3. Oh that reminds me of the good ole days...i used to ride with gold medalist Karen O'Conner back in i am just cowpoke :)