Saturday, May 8, 2010

Its okay... I know I'm weird

I knew from early on I had a passion for horses, and loved watching westerns. I rode many miles on my beloved stick pony. When I was a kid we had 89'er day at school, I always dressed up and hated for that day to end. Of course, tomboy me, played a sheriff, not a prairie gal like ALL the other girls. I spent my day locking up all the cute boys. My love of all things old west is reflected in my art, jewelry and vintage photo collection. The fact is that I think I should have lived in that era. I sometimes daydream about living back then. And this is why I ride english -dressage ? About as far from western riding as you can get.
I ride dressage because it is the ultimate relationship between horse and rider. Your body language blends with your horse's movement in a way no other discipline can. I can wear chaps while teaching my horse a half- pass anyway.

There are a lot of things about my personality that probably strike people as odd. I find insects, while annoying at times, to be quite remarkable. I have been known to relocate wasps nests. I like snakes too. I am the only girl in my family that played sports, and while I am tomboyish still, I do love being a girl. I adore period clothing, victorian dresses and hats in particular.
I used to have a recurring dream about a rather large black spider, and another one about ghosts. I have had many experiences with dreams that predict events about to happen, like little snippets of the future. When I was on the grounds of one of our battlefields from the Civil War era, I had overwhelming feelings about the soldiers who died there. I could sense their presence very strongly. Maybe that happens to everyone who visits there. All I know is, that it was very unsettling to feel that. I wish I could say it was the only time that has happened, but apparently I'm prone to my special brand of insanity in different historical locations, at different times. It could all be chalked up to my overactive, vivid imagination I'm sure.

Then there is my over the top infatuation with you know who - Audie Murphy. No Brad Pitt's, or Gerard Butler's for me. Now this could be because I don't have a man in my life. { This is where you nod your head in complete understanding} The other night at work, we were slow, so I was watching an Audie western on the computer, when one of the Watch Supervisors came to the window. He saw what I was watching and said -"Audie Murphy" ! Then he gave me one of those looks you give someone, who has just said something that makes you think they are unbalanced. I know that look well, I've seen it alot. I just smiled and thought to myself, "It's okay, I know I'm weird."


  1. You aren't weird at all, you just aren't stuck in the same mold as a lot of others! Good for you, you do your own thing and don't care what others think!
    I think the thing with the Civil War battlefields is very interesting. There are a lot of people that feel the very same thing, those people are, as you, very sensitive.
    Audie Murphy, he's out there, you will find him! :-D

  2. Oh yea, I'm with Jane...not as weird as you think..."interesting" is a good description.

    I too am sensitive to areas where violence has occurred and my childhood home(my parents still live there)is also home to several least one a Confederate soldier...maybe all soldiers but one is in uniform.

    I just grew up knowing this as normal. The soldier has also visited me at my home 2 miles away and my children used to tell me there was a soldier in the den...oh, the stories I could tell!...but that would make me weird!