Monday, May 3, 2010

Thats wild...

Spring fever sets me in motion to add things, remove things, and move things around. Working on my land is no different. When I do any landscaping, I do it in a haphazard, wild, kind of way. I like things to mix & mingle and look natural. I do have some designated flower beds, but most of my landscaping is just- throw some iris bulbs there, let them grow in front of the wild berry bushes... The wisteria grows in and over the photinia, the crabapple tree is set amongst pines and cedars. My pond is a natural pond and I will keep it looking that way, but I do plan to add more rocks, plants and fish. My yard as it is, is covered in wild flowers before the first mowing. Don't get me wrong, perfectly manicured classic gardens are lovely wonderful things of beauty, but give me the wild and unruly, thats where I live !

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