Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The horse God built

October 8th I will be at the movies. It is the opening date for the new Secretariat film. If you don't know Secretariat, I won't explain, if you do, then you know why I will go alone, because it will make me cry. Not only for Big Red but for Sham as well, whose brilliance would have stood alone had he raced at any other time. Secretariat, who bounded into my heart, like that of a whole nation, will again bring me to tears. I'm not only okay with that, I'm looking forward to it.
"Oh Lord he's perfect" as one article stated back in his day. Those that criticized Secretariat as a stallion apparently did not understand he was one of a kind, the horse God built. See you at the movies.......

To read about Secretariat check out these books: The Horse God Built, by Lawrence Scanlan or Big Red of Meadow Stable, by William Nack.

The Secretariat video link on my sidebar might be of interest as well. This one will take you to Youtube.


  1. He will always be the greatest horse of all time in my mind. That was an animal who was born to run and he loved to do it. He is the reason I feel in love with horses. I am taking my 8 year old daugther to see the movie also, I cant wait!

  2. Hey Tracey! Thanks for your sweet words on my blog today! Wow, I didn't even know there was a film out for Secretariat...I'll definitely have to go to this one! Hope you are doing well!!!