Thursday, September 16, 2010

Timeless ....

Most everyone who reads my blog knows I collect vintage photographs, a lot of them are the old time cowgirls, but I also collect images of the more typical victorian women and horses. I sometimes think they fascinate me so, because I often feel I should have lived in those eras instead of my own. When I look at them I feel some kind of connection, something resonates there. I always wonder who they were, how they lived, and what part the horses played in their lives.
If you have never heard of Evelyn Cameron 1894 -1928, please google her. She was a fascinating person and lived what I think is an amazing life. She came from the elegance of England, riding side saddle and fox hunting, to the remote Montana lands to live on a ranch with her new husband. She trained horses and learned photography as a way to make money. She traveled many, many miles alone with her horse hauling her camera equipment to photograph the land and people. She journaled her life in writings and photographs.
I have plans to create a photo book with my images of victorian women with horses, that will include quotes and any notes on the photos themselves about who is pictured. I like looking back to a time when horses were more than a hobby or passion, they were an indispensable part of life, and women and horses will always be a timeless combination.

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  1. I love these photo! I'd love to have a wall of them. Hey, I really want to see your old sidesaddle too!