Monday, December 26, 2011

My view of War Horse

"I knew going in that this was a Black Beauty set in wartime. This is not a pretty little movie, it is a war movie and depicts the horrors of it, though thankfully not overly graphic. Expect some movie moments that are not altogether realistic, but heartfelt, and I like that kind of thing so it worked for me . Mostly I loved the movie because of the relationship between Joey and Albert. I love Albert's bravery to fight in the war to find his horse. Joey, to me is the heart of all the horses that served and worked along side the fighting men in World War I. Many people don't realize how the horses were viewed and treated, this movie will hopefully open some eyes to that. When it was over the audience applauded ... I was still crying. I do feel they were remiss in not putting on the screen at the end that over 8 million horses died in that war and the ones who who did survive were indeed sold, many ended up on a dinner plate ... the ultimate betrayal ... they were soldiers too."


  1. Silence. The entire theatre was silent at the end... except for a few sniffles. Beautifully rendered, a bit cheesy at times, but "forgivable". I plan on seeing it again.

  2. The ultimate betrayal, no doubt. Exactly what is happening currently with horse slaughter. :(
    I wish they had put that info at the end of the movie, as many people have no idea.

  3. When I saw the trailer last summer I knew then and there I couldn't see it in the theater because I will sob. I am anxious for it to come out on DVD. My daughter saw it and had the same sentiments as you all.