Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A collection of horses

I thought I would give a peek into my horse collection nook. It is a tiny little room at the back of my sewing room. It has a little window seat so I can read and relax among the herd I have collected for many years. I am a shabby chic girl, I love old and worn things that have stories. For everything to match, or formal styles are kinda boring to me, so I mix it up. To create the mantle looking unit, I used two old salvage pillars, attached ornate brackets to hold an old board as the shelf. Simple to do, use small screws to hold the brackets and pre-drill your holes with a bit smaller than the screw size. Paint the top of the screws to match when finished. Click on the photos to enlarge.

The horse print is just lying on the surface, with a framed glass piece over it. You can use a frame that has the glass glued in it, or just a piece of glass, or even a small old window, and just set it over your art or photo. Then add things on it or around it. Then you can easily change the image, for seasonal looks etc.
I have an old stained glass window set in the wall, and used an old board and ornate metal brackets to create a shelf to hold some of my Breyer horses. Use a level, and again mark and pre-drill your holes. The shelf is just sitting on the brackets, but I did add a little caulking to the tops of the brackets to help it stick and to level any uneveness in the board at the bracket points.

In the corner I used two old panels, hinged together to hold an old spur, bit and salesmans sample saddle & horse collar. You can use old shutters or screen doors too. This one has an added board with hooks on it, attached loosely with a screw to hang downwards, for more hanging options. The panels add height and are versatile. Hang pictures from them, attach a shelf, decopage them etc. Put a small cabinet in front of it and it creates a great vingette.


  1. Wow that is truly a horse room! Cool! I just gave all my model horses to my nieces, I sure hope they appreciate them as much as I did!

  2. What a cool collection! I too have an old framed print of the Pharoh's Horses. I love it!