Friday, January 30, 2009

A dog and her ball

Those who have followed my blog know Hannah and her story. If you missed that post, just go to "review" and click on Hannah.
One day I gave her one of my old softballs, and she just jumped and jigged around it until I threw it for her. I didn't teach her a thing about fetch, she came by it naturally. She LOVES her ball.
I colored the ball in these photos because Hannah being black, is like a silhouette in these photos, a red ball was a must. This one is actually brown, and if the ball looks hairy, {string wrapped cork} thats because it is. Tessa chews off the covers of the softballs, which are Hannah's favorite. She doesn't like tennis balls much at all. Just so you know, softballs have many different cores. The things we learn from our dogs...