Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ever heard of the S.S.R E.B. ?

That would be the "Secret Society of Royal Equestrian Bunnies." This is a photo montage with digital painting added, of Touché whom you met earlier on my blog, riding Indi, who you are tired of meeting.
I am working on some new techniques and ideas, there are some fun and interesting things in the works. One new item you can see right now, is a cowgirl photo collage on canvas, listed on ebay called Stardust Cowgirl
Please remember the S.S.R.E.B. is relying on you to keep their existence a secret....


  1. How cute!!! I don't remember seeing this bunny on your blog before? 2 of my favs - horses and bunnies!

  2. I have something for you on my blog...lemonade! Go check it out!!

  3. they are soo sweet, and so talented,