Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm not sure where she is running off to.......

She just said something about being tagged!

It looks like Jane got me ! She is very sneaky that one ! To play, I am to link back to my tagger, list six random facts about me, and tag six other bloggers. Most of the usual suspects have been tagged or are doing the tagging this round, so I'll have to catch someone else off guard !

Six random facts about me.....

1. I am having a secret love affair with Viggo Mortensen,{ Aragorn, Lord of the Rings} so secret in fact, that Viggo has no clue who I am. {Sigh}

2. The ONLY other man I am passionate about is Audie Murphy. I have been two timing Viggo with him. I know, I am shameless. I have watched The Texican 5 times, Destry 3 times , Column South, Duel at Silver Creek, & Kansas Raiders each once. Thats not so crazy you say... but that was just this week.

3. I once raised a tiny meadowlark baby bird, my dog brought me unharmed. I had no idea where he got it from, so no putting it back. I would take the baby outside everyday to get used to sights and sounds, and to hop around under the pear tree. One evening I left him too long and could not find him, you see, he would respond when called. He could fly short distances, but I barely slept I was so worried. Early the next morning I went out and called him. He flew out of the tall grass on the acreage next door, and landed on my head. He grew into a lovely boy and flew away when the time was right.

4. When I was just a kid, I played cowboys and indians with my siblings. Now mind you, it was serious business to me. I was always a cowgirl and my brother, the indian, was trying to get the jump on me, by sneaking around the corner of the house. He had no clue I was right there waiting to ambush him, and when he came around the corner I whacked him over the head with my trusty gun and actually knocked him out cold. His fault entirely. If he had stayed in the hills as warned, these things would not happen. My mom loves to trot that story out at family gatherings.

5. When I was in high school, I ditched math class more than I went. Yes, I have told my parents, since I am over forty, I am ungrounded now. Well one day, for who knows why, I actually went to class. The teacher was doing extra credit problems on the overhead projector. I raised my hand and kept answering them, correctly I might add. The teacher kept giving me that brow furrowed, head tilted look of disbelief, as if I was an alien life form, here to take over the planet, and rid it of all math teachers. He didn't get it. I wasn't stupid, I just hate math, still do. Now, life science, I made straight A's in, and went everyday but one. I do not agree with dissecting frogs.

6. I have always loved all animals, and horses are a passion. I got my first horse when I was 38. An older arab gelding. For a horse crazed girl who spent alot of time in school doodling horses on my papers, that is a long time to wait, but a good time to learn, and he taught me alot. He gave me plenty to do and think about. Some of which was dusting myself off, and limping over to him so I could get back on, but alot of it was teamwork, patience, laughter and love.

Ok, so I'm tagging :

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  1. I love the big V too, nice taste in men!

  2. I too love V, loved Hidalgo!!! Also love, love, love Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott. Now those guys are COWBOYS!
    Great stories, your poor brother, too funny!

  3. Absolutely agree on Viggo! I watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy every year and drool!

  4. Just found your blog today via Cowboyssweetheart and girl you are right up my alley - great taste in men and a horse person to boot!!!
    Viggo - yuuummm, one of my 'other' men is Harrison Ford - yumyum too.
    I love your jewerlry especially the winter horse ones!!!
    Are the dressage videos someone you know?

  5. I love all your random things. I too am passionate about horses and that big black one is great. My DH had a big black horse we called Black Cloud. He was like a puppy dog when we went walking. Always had to have his nose on our shoulders. Unfortunately we had to sell all our horses last year. Miss them terribly.