Saturday, March 7, 2009

A growing ponys gotta nap !

Photo taggged by Jane at Jane Augustein - My Life in Pictures The rules are to pick the 6th photo folder and the 6th photo, post and blog about it, tag 6 others {or because I am a rule changer, I'll tag 3}This was the photo !
I got Indi when she was nine months old, and hadn't had her very long. Some family members came over to see her and she came right up like always. She then plopped right down and took a nap, while we stood there and talked over her. Thats my Indi, not a worry in the world....
I'm photo tagging Zan at Wild at Heart Farm
and Sharon at Awesome Ass Acres and Linda from The Briar Rose Gate These are fun blogs, be sure to visit them !


  1. That is adorable. The first time I saw one of my horses completely sacked out on his side and he didn't even move as I walked up, I nearly panicked. :) When I got right up to him and called his name again and then touched him, he looked up at me like "Are you crazy? I was sleeping." After that I loved seeing them all snoozing out in the sun. :)

  2. Hey there! Haha, thanks for the tag, I will try to get it done today or tomorrow!

    Indi is such a cute horse! I love the pic :)

  3. Indi's got it made in the shade...uh, I mean the sun!! Thanks for the tag...I've posted my pic, and named 6 others! Love your blog!!! Sharon