Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Simple changes ....

With the addition of a full time job to my life, my blogs, my art and a few other things have been suffering. So I've decided to put one out of its misery, so to speak and lay my art blog to rest. It will be combined back into this blog. I have been back in my studio working and you will see the results here along with my other postings. It is not a step back, but rather a step forward to simplifying life, spending time on fewer things, and doing those better.


  1. It is good to simplify. I have been looking at a lot things that I am committed to and making some changes, too. I have chatted with a lot of people doing the same thing ;-) We are in good company!

  2. I've been working for nearly a year to simplify...I'm almost where i want to be...I'm not an organized person by nature but it has helped me to become that way...and de-cluttering has really helped me to feel creative again. Best wishes with your changes!