Thursday, December 2, 2010


At present I'm creating a series of pieces inspired by Spanish mustangs and wild horses. Some of these images will be incorporated into jewelry and onto my Zazzle shop items.


  1. Beautiful draweings!!! I really love the second one!!!

  2. They are gorgeous. I've always had a special love for mustangs. I love both pics. And the one of your "Big Black Horse". Unfortunately, we had to sell my husbands big black horse and my little paint mare. And I miss them. But I see hime every time I look at your pic of your horse and in your drawings.

  3. Love all your work. Hope you are keeping well. Linda:)

  4. Hi Stranger,
    I love my pillows. Remember me? I absolutely love the above paint with the brown and the blue eyes. Fabulous. do you have any art with that print. Love the others also. I keep missing your horse necklaces. The first one on your site is gorqeous. I love it. would love to hear from you