Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a dogs life

Trouble wrapped in an adorable package is still trouble. Please see "Tessa" in the dictionary, under "folly." She believes the world is her oyster, and she does make me say - "OY" alot. In her mind it all makes perfect sense -
If you don't want it shredded, put it away. If you don't want holes in the yard, make the ground "undig -able." Oh, I thought it was a game, you plant it, I dig it back up. If you don't want me to go over there, you will have to watch me every minute, as my secret identity is " Houdini," master of escape. I like to smile at you, and make my blue eye twinkle when you scold me, as I can tell you aren't really mad. Aren't you having fun? I know I am. Rules ? What rules ? I don't remember any rules. What would we need them for?
And if you have ever wondered why you never see collars on my dogs, it is because Hannah uses them to drag everyone else around. That would be in between my throwing her balls to chase, keeping Bitsy from acting like she is going to have Indi for dinner, and all the while making Luna believe she is an only dog. If you have ever wondered what happiness is... it's a dogs life.

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