Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Horse court

Last evening Indi wasn't in her usual spot waiting for dinner, and if anyone is "Johnny on the spot" to get their grub, its her. I called, and when she didn't come up, I was starting to worry. I went down to the back pasture and there she was standing by the fence. The gate had some how swung shut behind her and nestled snug against the post. I know she thought I closed it. I had been gone most of the day running errands, so she may have been there awhile. Indi uses the back pasture, but doesn't like to be locked into it, even though sometimes she has to be.
I opened the gate, and her usual hesitation to visit with me was cast asunder in her flying hooves.
Once back at the barn, she cast her eye on me in obvious scolding. "I did not shut the gate on you Indi," I said, pleading my case, but she was not convinced as she ate her grain in fervor.
I went on to take out some hay, and as I passed her, she grabbed a mouthful, swung it over my head and showered it all over me and down my back. Now, if you have ever had hay down your back, you know it ranks a big fat zero on the fun meter. Then I got the look again. "I DID NOT shut the gate on you Indi," I tried to explain my innocence, as I was removing every layer of clothing to be rid of the hay. My appeal fell on deaf ears, lost in eager munching, and disinterest. Railroaded in horse court, convicted of a crime I did not commit. Punishment served.


  1. Oh, that is too funny! I can certainly understand horse disdain...they all get their panties in a bunch at one time or another, don't they? Hay down the, not fun. :)

  2. Oh, sounds like she was really upset with you and not accepting your apology at all!!! And just to show you, she flings hay down your back, hope you get back in her good graces soon.
    Gilly has never done that trick yet, hope he is not reading over my shoulder! haha

  3. Your equestrian collage jewelry is unique and exquisite! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  4. What a funny story! I hate the hay shower. Only thing worse is when the wind blows hay in your eyes - yuck!